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I’ve used more body contouring devices than you likely know are out there. Let’s discuss why the Accufit by Lutronic is the crème de la crème. First, we’ll watch this..

The Accufit Revolution

The Accufit is brand new comprehensive muscle activation system designed to effectively engage muscle groups that are typically underutilized during conventional workouts. This system allows for targeted focus on specific areas to enhance results based on individual goals. Accufit treatments are highly customizable, accommodating a wide range of patients—from those who are new to exercise to seasoned professionals seeking advanced muscle targeting. The system is particularly effective for areas such as the abdomen, flanks, buttocks, and thighs, but it is capable of addressing nearly any muscle group. For a tailored experience, patients are encouraged to consult with their treatment provider to develop a personalized plan. This approach ensures that each patient can achieve optimal performance and desired outcomes.

How does it work?

The Accufit system features a proprietary muscle activation technology designed to precisely target specific muscle groups. During a treatment, energy is directed through selected muscles, initiating various responses tailored to the chosen treatment mode. This process enables patients to engage in a broader range of muscle movements than those typically achieved in conventional exercise routines, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the treatment.

What's it Feel Like?

It uses a unique 4-cycle program that’s meticulously designed to transform muscle performance through stretching, building, re-education, and recovery phases. Each cycle initiates with a mild contraction sensation that gradually intensifies, allowing for deep muscle engagement. Following the peak of activity, a proprietary recovery phase is implemented. This carefully engineered “warm-down” process helps to reduce muscle fatigue and prepare the body for the subsequent cycle, optimizing the treatment’s effectiveness and enhancing patient comfort.

Let's See It In Action!

Boosting your core with Accufit is a smart move if you’re aiming for both a toned look and solid core strength. Your abs and obliques are central to pretty much everything you do—from lifting and twisting to powering through your workouts, these muscles back up your spine and keep your movements sharp.

Accufit takes things up a notch for your abdominal wall and obliques by delivering muscle contractions that are much more intense than what you get from standard exercises like crunches or twists. This deep muscle engagement helps carve out a more defined, sculpted midsection. Plus, having a strong core isn’t just about aesthetics; it acts like a shield against injuries, boosting your overall body mechanics. So, focusing on your core with Accufit? It’s a great choice for looking good and feeling strong.

Getting those glutes with the Accufit is really a game changer. Your bottom has some of the biggest and strongest muscles in your body-- playing a big role in your posture, how you line up from head to toe, and how you move about the world. They help keep your back strong, your hips stable, and let you do everything from standing up to jumping high.

Using Accufit to work the glutes can make them more toned, giving your butt a more sculpted or plump look. Strong glutes are key for avoiding injuries in your lower back and knees by making sure everything moves the right way. So, not only will they look good, but also help your body's overall functioning.

Targeting the inner and outer thighs with Accufit technology is particularly beneficial because these areas can be tricky to tone through traditional exercises.

The inner thighs, or adductors, help stabilize the pelvis and contribute to overall lower body strength and alignment. Then you've got the outer thighs, involving the abductor muscles, helping with lateral movements and balance.

This targeted approach not only enhances the aesthetic appearance of the thighs but also improves functional fitness, supporting movements in everyday activities and sports, thereby reducing the risk of injury. Engaging these muscles effectively with Accufit can lead to a balanced, symmetrical lower body that both looks and performs better.

Working on your upper back with Accufit is a great idea if you’re looking to improve both posture and strength. The muscles in your upper back are crucial for maintaining good posture and supporting your shoulders and neck. Whether you're sitting at a desk, driving, or lifting weights, these muscles are working hard to keep you upright and pain-free.

Accufit kicks your upper back training into high gear by stimulating these muscles with intense contractions, way beyond what regular back exercises usually offer. This intense workout helps strengthen and tone the upper back muscles, leading to improved posture and a reduced risk of strain or injury. Plus, a strong, well-defined upper back doesn’t just help with everyday activities; it also enhances your overall appearance. So, using Accufit to target your upper back is not only good for your health—it’s also great for achieving that strong, confident look.

Targeting your lower back with Accufit is a solid choice for boosting both strength and stability. The lower back plays a pivotal role in your overall body mechanics, supporting your core and enabling a wide range of movements. From bending and lifting to just standing up straight, these muscles are fundamental in everyday actions and help prevent discomfort and potential injuries.

With Accufit, you can elevate your lower back training by inducing deeper, more intense muscle contractions than what typical exercises can achieve. This enhanced activation not only strengthens the muscles but also helps sculpt them, contributing to a more robust and resilient back. Strong lower back muscles are essential not just for physical activities but also for maintaining proper posture and minimizing pain. So, focusing on your lower back with Accufit is not only beneficial for your physical health but also for keeping you active and pain-free in your daily life.

Using Accufit to enhance your biceps and triceps is a great choice for boosting both the appearance and functionality of your arms. These muscles play a crucial role in many practical activities, such as carrying groceries, lifting your child, or even engaging in sports like tennis or basketball. Strengthening your biceps and triceps ensures you can handle these tasks effortlessly and effectively.

Accufit amplifies your arm training by generating deep, intense muscle contractions that go beyond what traditional exercises can achieve. This advanced stimulation not only builds strength efficiently but also helps define and sculpt the arms, creating a more toned and attractive appearance. Additionally, robust biceps and triceps contribute to better overall arm functionality, reducing the risk of injuries and enhancing your ability to perform everyday activities with ease. Investing time in Accufit for these muscle groups is not only beneficial for aesthetics but crucial for maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle.

Focusing on your calves with Accufit is a smart move for enhancing both their strength and definition. Your calves are integral to a multitude of daily activities, such as walking, running, and climbing stairs, as well as providing stability and support for your entire lower body.

Accufit steps up your calf workout by inducing powerful, targeted muscle contractions that far exceed what typical exercises can deliver. This intense engagement not only helps build muscle mass but also refines the shape of your calves, giving them a more defined and sculpted look. Moreover, strong calves are essential for improving your overall balance and mobility, reducing the risk of ankle and foot injuries. So, using Accufit to train your calves is not just about aesthetic gains; it's about bolstering performance and durability in your daily life and physical activities. This targeted approach helps ensure that your lower legs are ready to support you in all your endeavors, whether that's a weekend hike or just a day full of errands.

Training your hamstrings with Accufit is a beneficial strategy for increasing both their strength and flexibility. Your hamstrings are crucial for many everyday movements such as walking, running, and bending over, as well as playing a key role in sports that require quick bursts of speed or sudden stops.

Accufit enhances your hamstring workouts by triggering intense, targeted muscle contractions that go beyond what you can typically achieve with standard exercises. This deep muscle activation not only builds strength more efficiently but also helps in lengthening and toning the hamstrings, promoting a more defined look. Strong and flexible hamstrings are vital for maintaining good alignment and balance, significantly reducing the risk of injuries in the lower back and knees. Therefore, focusing on your hamstrings with Accufit not only aims to improve their appearance but also boosts your overall physical performance and health, ensuring you’re better equipped for both high-impact activities and everyday tasks.

Any Side Effects?

Common side effects could be muscle soreness or a “sunburn” like effect in the skinthat may last a few hours to 3-4 days or longer. Other potential risks include itching, pain, bruising, redness.


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